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Quitter: one of my least favorite words because I used to think that it was an adjective specially reserved just for me. It felt as if an invisible wall stood firmly/prominently between persevering people and me.

The grit-less quitter. That’s what I thought I was, that I just “didn’t have it in me” but was it really an accurate representation of my characteristic character? Or was it just something I used as a shield so I wouldn’t have to live up to high expectations and standards?

What I realized is that whatever you say about yourself becomes true in some sense. The language we choose to use have has a significant influence on how we think and how we perceive the world. What we communicate to others and to yourself ourselves(even internally)shapes reality.

Yes, we can, indeed, alter reality in a way: The thing we thought was possible only in an episode of Twilight Zone.

However, changing the perception of reality is merely an illusion. It builds a solid ground to leap from, but we still have to do the leaping.

However, changing our perception towards reality, as powerful as that might be, it doesn’t change what must be accomplished. The tangible, authentic reality of our situation only changes when we implement the actions that create change. Adjusting our perception is a solid foundation for us to leap from, but we still have to do the leaping.

We have to put in the work. We have to hustle. We have to grind.HARD. With burning passion and perpetual perseverance. And the best-kept secret that I wish I had discovered long ago, is that we can foster those philosopher’s stones.

A common misconception about passion and perseverance it that we are supposed to find them, when in reality, we are supposed to cultivate them.

Just like we can alter reality by changing the language we use, we can alter the characteristics we thought we were born with or weren’t born with, by simply taking action. ( “Simply” is used in a very loose sense here because we all know how not-at-all-simple it can be.)

I failed to see that it’s not my character flaw that made me a “grit-less quitter”. I just stopped putting one foot in front of the other at one point for whatever reason.

Although I still feel a little bit of shame over all those unfinished projects of mine, it is reassuring to know that I “got it in me”.  Because we all do.

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