Author of this blog: Sakuraco B

Born and raised in Yokosuka Japan. Currently reside in WA, U.S.A.
I am a passionate artist, illustrator, English tutor, and a blogger. The main purpose of this blog is to improve my writing skill in English and also to document my life and thought as an immigrant who resides in the U.S.

I strongly believe that expressing your thought and opinions are crucial for an individual to not only grow oneself but also to expand one’s world. Advanced technology has been allowing us to be living in a bubble, a bubble of comfort, but I choose to expose myself to the new layers of the world as best as I can.  “Armed with a mind” is one of the principals I hold dearly in my life. I may not always be right, in fact, I will probably make many mistakes in my life. However, the strong armer of knowledge and wisdom will only come to those who  put thoughts into variety of subjects and challenge themselves.

“Uncurated Talks” is solely dedicated to my inner thoughts.