Something Hazy

For the learning purposes, the corrections & adjustments made are written in red.

50,000 is the average number of thoughts that go through our heads daily. All of those frivolous thoughts like “I have to get more toothpaste” or “that guy looks like a kid I went to school with” pop up, but most of them never get communicated.

It’s like we have little ghosts of thoughts roaming in our heads, hoping to be seen someday. Some of them cling harder than the other others, but some just evaporate.

We sometimes let important things like feelings and emotions vanish in the cognitive abyss because we are too busy occupying our conversations with words that describe people and events.  There is no room left for the inexpressible sentiments.

Talking about feelings can bring an invisible fog to the table and the entire conversation can get “moist”. Just like some people have a surprisingly low tolerance toward the word itself, this kind of conversation is not always well-liked unless you are talking to your shrink who charges $500 per week to listen to you while he sits in a leather chair across the room.
So what do we resort to insted? -Fluff pieces.  We throw toss about convenient adjectives like “cool” or “awesome” or “great” to avoid substantial communication. Social media made it even worse. We don’t even have to use adjectives. Instead, we just double-tap the screen to send a “like”.
After a long time of neglect, we’d stop producing thoughts. No more ghosts roaming in our heads, we become the ghosts,
confusing absentminded tap of “like” buttons for communication.
When we dismiss the opportunity to use our words, we disregard our thoughts and emotions. That, my friend, is no way to live.
We have to try to assign words and express them as much as we can so that those little ghosts in our heads can come back to life.👻

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