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Welcome to  “Uncurated Talks” .
This is a blog where a Japanese born artist/ illustrator/ blogger/ESL tutor Sakuraco B writes down her thoughts about a bunch of different shit. (
Yes, I said it!)

I plan on making this as a platform where I can freely express my thoughts without any filter (hence the name “Uncurated Talks”) and the reason why I decided to start an English blog is pretty simple: to improve my writing.

In recent years, my focus has always been on the improvement of my speaking ability because it is the skill that is most relevant in order for me to lead a fulfilling life in the U.S. Weather you go to grocery shopping or work, it is the most basic skill that is required if you want to communicate with other people. Writing on the other hand, tends to fall in to by the wayside unless you are a student having to write 7 pages paper every week, so I decided to change that.

The decision to launch an English blog came to me rather easily, primarily because I have been writing a blog in Japanese and I definitely see some growth in my writing skill and it has also helped me dig deeper into my thoughts, organize them, and express them in a semi presentable way which is exactly what I’d like to achieve in English.

Making an English Podcast was another approach I took recently to tackle my English learning endeavor. My poor husband got dragged into this project of mine which is also called “Uncurated Talks”! Ha! How convenient!
In this podcast, my American husband and I, as an interracial couple talk and share different views about stuff that are out side of “small talks”. And if it is not obvious enough, no, this podcast is not filtered either. There maybe ( or I should say probably) some foul language ..Sorry ! (not sorry.)

If any of you are weird enough to be interested in our almost-incoherent super low key podcast, and by “weird” I mean “awesome” , head over to here to listen on an Apple device.

You can also simply click on the link below and stream as well.

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