Something Bold

I have been encouraging fellow Japanese people to voice their opinions more often through my blog posts, Podcast and social media. because us Japanese are taught from a very young age to always cooperate with others, to not disturb the harmony that exists so majestically in our society  which cornered us to become this obedient, domesticated pack of puppies who don’t even have the ability to question the orders from our master.

Obedience might be a good thing, if you truly believe in whatever it is that you are following but if you don’t, then that’s just total ignorance.

There is  the a prime moment for us Japanese to become extremely vocal about our opinions, though. The moment of anonymity. This probably applies to EVERYONE on earth, but I am simply more familiar with the Japanese because I ,too, am one.

It is so interesting to see people’s behavior when they are anonymous. Take this particular incident, for instance; I have been receiving a lot of comments and messages on my social media from people that are learning English so I decided to set up a “question box” on my page where people can ask me questions anonymously.
One morning I woke up to this comment stated stating that my nose ring was a bit “intimidating” and I should have stuck with ear piercings.

“First of all, it’s not even a question. Second of Secondly, it’s none of your fucking business.” is what I really wanted to say, really.
Alas, I did not have the balls.  that ballsyness  ( or should I spell “ballsieness” .? ) in me.  

Instead, I replied a slightly bold comment mocking the fact that it indeed is NOT a question and I found it very rude of him/her to force his/her preference on me, only to receive another comment that read “I think it’s safe to not use that type of language considering the fact that you are a teacher. It sounds unsophisticated.”
*I help Japanese people learn English, but that doesn’t have anything to do with this because this conversation was all in Japanese.

So apparently, this person didn’t like the way I spoke.

To this, “Fuck you very much” would have been the perfect reply, but I am an adult after all. I can’t respond to anything or anyone in that fashion. So I just mocked him/her back in the same way I’d done to the first secret admirer of mine.

I don’t think there is no a need to emphasize that it is a FUCKING QUESTION BOX not a “Hey let’s just shit on this person because I don’t like the way she looks” box.

Anonymity is a strange thing. It holds the ultimate power to completely free us from the responsibilities and consequences. It is a double edged sword. It can protect people from being exposed to negativity or it can be used to shield us from the ripples that have been reflected upon from our own words and actions.

I find this extremely cowardly, so I absolutely refuse to only voice my opinion when I don’t have to take responsibilities, because, quite frankly, I take my opinions very seriously unlike those people who would  just hide behind the legs of their mother called “anonymous”.

*I take my opinions very seriously unlike those “anonymous” people who would just run to mommies.

Every single one of us is entitled to have our own opinions. There is absolutely no doubt about that and I understand that the person who thought my nose ring was “intimidating” had his/her own reasoning.

After all we, human beings are animals and it is only natural to want to discriminate and exclude the unfamiliarity as a defense mechanism.
Even our bodies act that way, too. If you have virus in your body, your cells try to fight it off. If you get a foreign substance, like sand, in your eye, it your body will try to wash  push it out with tears.

However, that does not mean that we can just express our disapproval with no regards to others, because we are human. We have the ability to be compassionate, kind and be respectful .

Voicing our opinions is something I firmly believe in, but that does not give us the right to voluntarily  hurt or disrespect others.

There are plenty of productive discussions we can have.
It doesn’t They don’t even have to be about serious, like environmental or poverty issues.
You can always choose to talk about something that you are passionate about, something that you CARE about instead of wasting our precious voice on something like how other people look.


Let us use our voices wisely.


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