Something Chill

My lazy day special consists of; messy bun, yoga pants, a drawer full of takeout menus, and last but not least, a box DVD set of a cult TV show, Friends. The idea of the best lazy day to me is to have the least amount of brain activities possible. The one where you can kind of just go on an autopilot mode. The one where the most significant decision being is the choice of meat (usually either Tofu or Shrimp) for my pho noodles. And this is my favorite way to spend a lazy day. It doesn’t get any lazier than that right?

I crave and long for this lazy day from the moment I snooze my alarm clock on Monday morning till the second I close my laptop with exhaustion on Friday evening. Oddly enough though, this “lazy day” has a way of reviving the itch for creation, inspiration, interaction, and cognitive stimulation. By the time I’m through with my “lazy day,” I am ready to chug a mug of coffee and grind all over again.

Lazy days are a necessity.


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