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Recently I had
the privilege of creating a piece of art for one of the most talented people I know. When the opportunity was presented to me at first, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to meet the expectations.
*If I was skilled enough to meet their expectations.

I even considered about  declining the offer, but the voice inside my head kept shouting “What are you so afraid of? Just do everything you can and see if it’ll work”.
(Often times this , not so little, voice in my head pushes me into the unknown.)

When the opportunity was first presented to me I lacked confidence that I could fully meet their expectations. I wasn’t certain that my skill level could satisfy what they envisioned. Consequently, I almost declined. Yet, as is often the case, a not so little voice in my head (that is notorious for pushing me into the unknown) kept shouting “what are you so afraid of? Just do everything you can and see if it’ll work.”  So, I listened to the little voice.

And the outcome is, well, quite honestly, something I am extremely happy with.


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My usual preference is not to talk too much about my artwork. I like leaving it all up to the audience’s’ imagination .
*I like leaving it all up to the imagination of the audience.

It just seems so much more fun, and it sometimes ruins the sentiment to explain too much. Ever try to explain your joke to someone? Well, you get the idea.  However, I feel compelled to talk about this particularly, to me, very emotional piece that I just created.


→I usually prefer not to add a lot of explanation to my artwork. Rather, allowing the imagination of my audience to interpret what they see, in my opinion, is much more fun. If I have to explain the sentiment that inspired my creation, I feel that what I have created has lost a bit of its meaning. It’s a lot like when you have to explain a joke to someone. I think you get why that is disappointing. However, with this especially emotional piece that I have just created, I feel compelled to talk about what influenced, motivated and compelled me to create.

This phenomenal musician provided me the liberty to create this piece of art with absolutely no limitation, or agenda. He simply asked me to create whatever this track made me think of. 
First thing that came to my mind was, home.


A place where you have come so long and far away from, a place where you left a piece of your
It was not a feeling of homesick though. It was the feeling of comfort, assurance and also farewell.

A location that is distant not only in miles, but in years. For some of us, home is the place we left a piece of our heart, and it isn’t just half a world away, it is half a lifetime ago.

Sometimes, leaving home is the only way we find our true self. Sometimes, the comfort of our homes, is what keeps us pushing to find our true home…⠀

→However, what I’m describing isn’t the bereaved feeling of homesickness. Rather, it’s the feeling of comfort and assurance we felt when we were in the place we will always call home. It is the emotion we feel when we realize that for the next great thing to begin, the good thing we feel now, must come to an end.


Often, leaving our first home is the only way to find our complete self. For us to become the best version of who we are. Sometimes, the comfort of our first home, is the memory that pushes us to find our true home…..


Further into the track, you will hear a very strong electronic beat in the background which  to me sounded a lot like a heartbeat to me. )So that’s where the inspiration came from.
Powerful heartbeat shining through your way home . Only to no home you’d ever known.

→Further into the track, you will hear a very strong electronic beat in the background. To me, it is strongly reminiscent of a heartbeat. Thus,the inspiration for the heart. A powerful heartbeat that shines and guides your way home. Only to no home you’d ever known.


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