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I have a very exciting piece of news to share today. Finally, after so many tries, my Japanese blog was approved for Google ad sense!! (In case you are not familiar with it; it is a service that’s provided by Google and they will give the code to display advertisement on your page once your website is approved by them which would generate revenue if they are clicked by the viewers.)

It must be close to five months since I first submitted my application. After many attempts, my self esteem started hurting even though it didn’t have anything to do with my personality or abilities. Because I was “rejected” repeatedly, I started to feel like I, as a person, was being criticized when in reality, is not the case at all.

Often times we seek for approval from others subconsciously and it’s not inherently a negative thing since it’s one of the qualities that’s preferred to have when it comes to socializing even if we don’t always practice it. There are plenty of social situations where things would go smoothly if you seek approval from others, especially if you want to get liked by a specific person, because to appreciate someone is a form of approval.

Being told that you are valuable and worthwhile is something the we all secretly (and for some people ; not-so-secretly) long for, so even if it’s something like an endorsement from Google, it brings the feeling of acknowledgement of something that you have worked so hard for.

Writing a blog was just a hobby to me in the beginning but now it’s something that I am extremely passionate about and it is truly fulfilling to know that my articles adds value to other people.

My life goal is to bring positive impact on people, and this is tiny but surely the very first step toward it.

There are so many different ideas for me to explore as far as content creation, and I am beyond excited about all of them.

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