Something Spontaneous

*For learning purpose, the correction I have received from my English tutor are displayed in RED.

Whenever I receive a question from someone asking me “Why are you a vegetarian?”  I always reply “I just wanted to try it out.” and shrug my shoulders but it never seems to suffice. Perhaps they are expecting to hear more dramatic and definite reasons like “It’s cruel to animals ” or “I’m trying to lose weight” or something .
reasons such as animal cruelty or weight loss.

Animal welfare and the impact on the environment are actually the main reasons why I decided to become a vegetarian, but really, I just wanted to “try it out” to see what’s up.
I just wanted to explore the diet.

Often times we are demanded to explain the reasons from when you are applying for a job to when you are getting a tattoo.
Often times we are demanded reasons for job applications to tattoos.

“Why did you apply for this job?”

“Will you explain the reason why you think you are fit for this position?”

“Why did you get a tattoo?”

Always, the fucking “why”s.
People are always fucking pondering why.

While analyzing the cause, addressing the necessity and acting on it is the key to success in everything, sometimes it gets very exhausting. Since when did we become so cause driven? Why can’t we just say “I am doing this because I damn well feel like it” .

People, including myself, always prefer to hear the legitimate sounding reasons because the unknown makes us uncomfortable. We don’t like to lose control of things. We like the familiarity.

The process to think of reasons is very intriguing and I believe that’s what keeps people sharp at mind and it is beneficial too, as far as exercising our brains go, but I think sometimes we need to step into the unknown “just cause” .
The philosophy of ‘why’ is an enigma and I believe the strive for answers keeps people’s minds sharp. It is beneficial too, as far as stimulating our brains go, but I think sometimes we need to step into the unknown ‘just because.’


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